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Hong Kong officials say "no fear of sanctions" Chinese Foreign Ministry: The iro
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Hong Kong officials say "no fear of sanctions" Chinese Foreign Ministry: The iron bones that embody the Chinese

香港官员表态“无惧制裁” 中国外交部:体现中国人的铮铮铁骨
China News Agency, Beijing, August 10 (Huang Yuqin) In response to the statements of several Hong Kong officials in the US sanctions related to Hong Kong, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian stated at a regular press conference on the 10th that relevant officials publicly stated that they are "not afraid of sanctions." "It embodies the clank and iron bones of the Chinese.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian

A reporter asked questions. Many Hong Kong officials, including Chief Executive Carrie Lam of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and the heads of the Special Administrative Region Government’s Department of Administration, Finance, and Department of Justice, responded by reprimanding the US sanctions as a despicable act and grossly interfering in Hong Kong affairs. Someone pointed out that “the United States slandered Chinese companies for leaking data, but the U.S. Treasury Department used the so-called sanctions to leak the privacy of 11 officials, which violates the spirit of respect for privacy that it preaches.” In addition, according to a recent announcement by the Hong Kong Social Science Poll Center The data showed that 65.7% of Hong Kong respondents opposed any sanctions imposed by the United States on Hong Kong. What's your opinion?

Zhao Lijian said: We have noticed that the US's brutal interference in China's internal affairs and the arbitrary and unreasonable announcement of so-called sanctions have been strongly opposed and condemned by the Chinese people, including Hong Kong. People from all walks of life have condemned the abominable acts of US hegemonism, and relevant officials have publicly stated that they "have no fear of sanctions", which embodies the strong bones of the Chinese.

He pointed out that the Chinese people will not frightened. The so-called sanctions on the US side will only make the world more aware of US hegemony and double standards, and will only become another joke and farce.

In his response, Zhao Lijian quoted Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor and other relevant Hong Kong officials. “Lin Cheng said that when the US announced the information, her address was Victoria House, but it was the official residence of the Chief Secretary for Administration. Don’t you know where the Chief Executive lives? The Secretary for Justice Zheng Ruohua said that it is my honor to have the opportunity to serve the country. Compared with the motherland and the people of the whole country, my personal interests are not important. With the country as a strong backing, I Will not be intimidated. The so-called US sanctions are futile."

"I want to give them a big compliment on behalf of the Chinese people!" Zhao Lijian said.

Another reporter asked questions. According to the New York Times, the CIA's recent assessment report submitted to the White House found that there was no evidence that Chinese intelligence agencies intercepted TikTok data or used TikTok to hack into users’ mobile phones. In addition, Castro, the vice chairman of the US think tank "Information Technology and Innovation Foundation", said that just because a certain application software belongs to a Chinese company, it is banned. This is not a security reason. Allegations about security risks should be supported by solid evidence, rather than baseless allusions. At the same time, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharova recently stated that the United States suppressed TikTok, this is another example of the United States' unfair commercial competition and violates WTO rules. What is China's comment?

Zhao Lijian said that China firmly opposes that the United States violates market principles and WTO rules, generalizes the concept of national security, abuses national power, and unreasonably suppresses non-US companies such as TikTok. Such naked bullying and political manipulation have long been seen through the United States and the international community, and have been condemned by people from all walks of life. This is their due end.

He emphasized that we urge the US to correct its hysterical and wrong practices, abide by market principles and WTO rules, and stop unreasonable suppression and discriminatory restrictions on relevant companies. (Finish)

Source: China News Network

中新社北京8月10日电 (黄钰钦)针对多名香港官员在美国涉港制裁中的表态,中国外交部发言人赵立坚10日在例行记者会上表示,有关官员公开表态“无惧制裁”,体现了中国人的铮铮铁骨。





赵立坚在回应中引述了香港特区行政长官林郑月娥等有关香港官员的表态,“林郑表示,美方公布资料时说她住址是Victoria House,但这是政务司司长的官邸,难道美方美国官员连行政长官住在哪里都不知道吗?律政司司长郑若骅表示,有机会为国家服务是我的光荣。与祖国和全国人民相比,我的个人利益毫不重要。有国家作为强大后盾,我不会被吓倒。美国所谓的制裁行动是徒劳无功的。”





来源:中国新闻网Hong Kong officials say "no fear of sanctions" Chinese Foreign Ministry Affairs: The iron bones that embody the Chinese

香港官员表态“无惧制裁” 中国外交部:体现中国人的铮铮铁骨

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