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Dispelling the fog of the world and playing the strong voice of the times-Presid
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Dispelling the fog of the world and playing the strong voice of the times-President Xi Jinping attended the 12th BRICS Leaders' Meeting, the 27th APEC Leaders' Informal Meeting, and the 15th G20 Leaders Summit Achieve fruitful results拨开世界迷雾 奏响时代强音——习近平主席出席金砖国家领导人第十二次会晤、亚太经合组织第二十七次领导人非正式会议、二十国集团领导人第十五次峰会取得丰硕成果

    CCTV News, Beijing, November 23. According to the "News and Newspaper Digest" of Voice of China, China Central Radio and Television, from November 17 to 22, Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the 12th BRICS Leaders' Meeting. Meetings, the 27th APEC Leaders’ Informal Meeting, and the 15th Summit of the G20 Leaders in three major multilateral diplomatic events, and delivered a series of important speeches, focusing on the world’s world under a century of great changes. Changes, changes in times, and changes in history, with a broad and grand international vision and a self-confident and calm pattern, indicate the historical position of the BRICS, APEC, and G20 in a century of change, and promote the international community to coordinate epidemic prevention. Consolidating consensus on major issues such as controlling and economic and social development, shaping the international order in the “post-epidemic era”, strengthening global economic governance, and carrying out cooperation to build a community with a shared future for mankind. A total of 23 important initiatives, propositions and measures have been put forward. President Xi Jinping also fully explained the connotation of China's new development pattern and sent a clear signal that China will promote its own high-quality development while continuously expanding its opening-up, injecting strong confidence and strength into the international community. 2020-11-23 Full text of news and newspaper abstracts >>>

1. Promote the unity and cooperation of all parties to fight the epidemic

    President Xi Jinping held high the banner of building a community of human health and comprehensively and systematically expounded China's ideas and propositions on international anti-epidemic cooperation. It has provided impetus for international cooperation in the fight against the epidemic and added confidence in the fight against the epidemic for all mankind.

2. Propose China's plan for the recovery and development of the world economy

    President Xi Jinping combined China's successful practice of coordinating epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, taking the lead in resuming work and production and restoring economic growth, and proposed a package of Chinese plans to promote the recovery of the world economy, fully demonstrating that China is digging power for the world economy and contributing to the international economy. A major country that cooperates to open up space and creates well-being for the people of all countries should take the role.

3. Leading the reform of the global economic governance system

    President Xi Jinping emphasized China's principled propositions on global economic governance at the G20 summit. The first is to further clarify the guiding ideology, the second is to continuously improve the rules and mechanisms, and the third is to pay more attention to the digital economy. President Xi Jinping's important exposition on global economic governance this time is the most comprehensive in recent years, and will play an important leading role in the current and future changes in global economic governance.

4. Deepen unity and cooperation between emerging markets and developing countries

    President Xi Jinping put forward a series of propositions at the BRICS Leaders’ Meeting, which fully demonstrated China’s pursuit of value in upholding justice for developing countries and safeguarding the common interests of developing countries, and boosted emerging markets and developing countries to cope with risks. The confidence to challenge has expanded the development space of emerging markets and developing countries.

V. Advocating the construction of an Asia-Pacific community with a shared future

    President Xi Jinping held high the banner of multilateralism and comprehensively expounded the concept, proposition and profound connotations of building an Asia-Pacific community with a shared future. President Xi Jinping emphasized that China welcomes the completion of the signing of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement and will actively consider joining the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. This important announcement once again demonstrated China's firm determination to expand its opening up, and it has received the attention and welcome of the international community.

    6. Explain the contribution of China's new development pattern to the world

    During the three summits, President Xi Jinping explained in a comprehensive and in-depth manner why China has to build a new development pattern, what kind of new development pattern to build, and what the new development pattern means to the world, and other major issues, showing the world that China has started all-round construction. A magnificent picture of the new journey of a modern socialist country.

President Xi Jinping put forward a series of viewpoints, propositions and initiatives at the three summits, conforming to the trend of the times, highlighting Chinese characteristics, and safeguarding international justice, demonstrating an effective coordination of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and the continuous improvement of national governance capabilities and greater development prospects. A good China; a China that has entered a new stage of development, implemented new development concepts, and built a new development pattern; a China that adheres to the path of peaceful development and progresses hand in hand with all countries in the world; a China that pursues an independent foreign policy and promotes mutual benefit A China that wins an opening strategy; a China that advocates building a community with a shared future for mankind and that is in the same boat with the people of the world.

Source: CCTV 央广网北京11月23日消息 据中央广播电视总台中国之声《新闻和报纸摘要》报道,11月17日至22日,中国国家主席习近平接连出席金砖国家领导人第十二次会晤、亚太经合组织第二十七次领导人非正式会议、二十国集团领导人第十五次峰会三场重大多边外交活动,并发表一系列重要讲话,着眼于世界百年大变局下的世界之变、时代之变和历史之变,以宽广宏大的国际视野和自信从容的格局风范,指明金砖国家、亚太经合组织、二十国集团在百年变局中的历史方位,推动国际社会就统筹疫情防控和经济社会发展、塑造“后疫情时代”的国际秩序、加强全球经济治理等重大问题凝聚共识、开展合作,携手构建人类命运共同体,并就此共提出了23项重要倡议、主张和举措。习近平主席还全面阐释了中国新发展格局内涵,发出了中国将推进自身高质量发展、同时不断扩大对外开放的明确信号,为国际社会注入了强劲信心和力量。2020-11-23 新闻和报纸摘要全文>>>
















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